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OMG!! Hazelnut Almond Milk Recipe for your Coffee!

OMG!! Hazelnut Almond Milk Recipe for your Coffee!

This homemade hazelnut milk is fit for a high end coffee shop and it goes perfectly with a cup of coffee. I use a mix of hazelnuts and almonds, but feel free to use all hazelnuts if you prefer. It’s lightly flavoured with notes of caramel from the Medjool dates, cinnamon, and a whole vanilla bean.


3/4 cup raw hazelnuts
1/4 cup raw almonds
3 1/2 cups water
2 1/2-3 pitted Medjool dates, to taste
1 vanilla bean, roughly chopped
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
tiny pinch of fine grain sea salt (optional)

Vitamix Hazelnut Almond cream


Place hazelnuts and almonds in a bowl and cover with [eafl id=1053 name=”Perfect Water Purifier – articleLink2″ text=”filtered water”]. It’s preferred to soak them overnight (for 8-12 hours) in the water, but you can get away with soaking for 1-2 hours in a pinch.

Rinse and drain the soaked hazelnuts and almonds. Place nuts into your [eafl id=1316 name=”Vitamix 5300 Blender – Article Link” text=”Vitamix”] along with water, pitted dates, vanilla bean, cinnamon, and salt (if using).

Cover and blend on highest speed for 1 minute or so.

Place a nut milk bag (here is the bag I love) over a large bowl and slowly pour the milk mixture into the bag. Gently squeeze the bottom of the bag to release the milk. This process can take 3-5 minutes, so be patient. You should be left with about 1 cup of pulp in the bag. See my tips below on using the leftover pulp.

homemade hazelnut milk

1) If your dates or vanilla bean are dry/stiff, soak in water to soften before use. You can also use another sweetener of your choice like maple syrup instead of dates. Same goes for vanilla – feel free to use vanilla extract for a more subtle vanilla flavour.
2) Ideas for using leftover pulp: stir into oatmeal or muffin batter, add to smoothies, make crackers, or you can even dehydrate it and then blend it up to make hazelnut meal. You can freeze it for a later use too.
3) You might be wondering – If I don’t have a nut milk bag can I use a fine mesh sieve? Yes you can. I don’t find the milk gets as smooth compared to using a nut milk bag, but if you strain it several times, it comes out decent. Also, feel free to try a cheesecloth (you can even line the sieve with a layer of cheesecloth).


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