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Edible flowers with Smoked Salmon Salad



  • 4 tbsp natural yoghurt
  • 1 tsp horseradish sauce
  • 1 tbsp finely chopped dill
  • squeeze of lemon juice
  • pinch of salt


  • 150 g smoked salmon
  • 150 g mixed salad leaves
  • 200 g sweet cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 100 g dried black olives
  • edible flowers (optional) to decorate


Mix all the ingredients in a large glass until combined.
Arrange the salad leaves on two serving plates.
Place the tomatoes on top of the salad leaves.
Tear the salmon with your fingers into a small chunks, arrange on top of the tomatoes.
Scatter the olives on top, drizzle with the dressing, decorate with edible flowers.
Serve with crusty bread or a roll.

Juicing to Relieve Headaches or Migraines

Juicing to Relieve Headaches or Migraines


If you’re experiencing chronic migraines it could be due to what you’re eating. Some of the foods that trigger migraines:  Fried foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, flour based products, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, food additives, chocolate and some nuts or seeds.

A diet high in complex carbohydrates (whole grains and starchy vegetables) and low in protein is recommended for headache sufferers.

Most of the time, a migraine is the body’s way of signalling that it is dehydrated. Drink plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices to rid the body of the toxins that are the main culprit of headaches.

Most fruits and vegetables are rich in three very important minerals that help remedy migraines, namely: Potassium, calcium and magnesium. Some foods that especially help: Dark green vegetables, bananas, cantaloupe, celery, cucumber, lemon, pineapple, watermelon, and ginger.

1/2 pineapple
3-4 leaves kale or a bunch of spinach
1 stick of celery
1/2 cucumber
1/4 lemon
1/2 inch ginger root (optional)

And drink plenty of [eafl id=1053 name=”Perfect Water Purifier – articleLink2″ text=”filtered water”]!


6 Superfoods You need to Consume

6 Superfoods You need to Consume

The thing about superfoods is that they do not possess just one nutrient that you need, they have many.  They offer so many benefits that you can eat less food while getting more nutrition.  Nutrient-rich foods also help to flush toxins from the body to make you healthier.  Superfoods also help to control weight and stop you from having to rely heavily on vitamin and mineral supplements.

Here are six superfoods that you should incorporate into your diet:

  1. Bee Pollen. Bee products are a natural and wholesome superfood.  Bee pollen has many benefits including that it is high in antioxidants that can help you to lead a longer and healthier life.  It can lower histamine production that is the main cause of allergies.  The high levels of vitamin B contained in bee pollen are excellent for your skin and prevent wrinkling and aging.  It helps to restore both mineral and metabolic deficiencies and helps to relieve constipation, anemia, and bronchitis.  Bee pollen contains fourteen fatty acids, 15% lecithin, and more protein than cheese, eggs or meat.
  1. Noni. This Polynesian fruit continues to be in the news because it has many amazing benefits.  It has a strong smell and taste and can take a while for people to learn to enjoy.  It is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals to help keep you young and healthy.  Noni also contains selenium that helps to keep the skin healthy, fresh and glowing.  It contains xeronine that helps with cell regeneration and structure.  There are also glycosides that help to fight free radicals and scopoletin that is an anti-inflammatory.  Noni can be consumed as juice but you need to be careful about the amount of sugar that is contained in the juice as that can compromise its efficacy.
  1. Camu Camu berry. This berry is found in South American rainforests and contains the highest amount of Vitamin C from any botanical source.  It also contains phosphorus, iron, calcium and potassium.  Cam Camu contains serine, valine, and leucine as well as niacin and riboflavin.  These vitamins and minerals are a huge boost for the immune system and help to improve eyesight.
  1. Raw honey. This honey is not the kind of honey that you purchase at the grocery store.  This honey is raw, organic and unprocessed.  It can make you more mentally alert with live healing enzymes that sharpen your IQ.  It has medicinal benefits that can be used to heal wounds.  Raw organic honey can relieve infections, diarrhea, gastrointestinal issues and other ailments by alleviating the symptoms.  Honey is easy to digest and provides the body with a good energy boost.
  1. Royal Jelly. This thick, milky substance is secreted from the pharyngeal glands of nurse bees.  The bees that are selected to become a queen bee are fed royal jelly while the worker bees are fed on honey and pollen.  Royal jelly contains B5 and B vitamins, amino acids, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, and manganese.  Royal jelly also contains pantothenic acid, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  It can help to fight heart disease and atherosclerosis and research with cancer cells shows that royal jelly can reduce them.
  1. Propolis.  This resin is collected from tree bark by worker bees for use in their honeycomb for glue.  It fills cracks and creates doorways and is a nutrient-packed superfood with disease-fighting power.  Propolis is an antibacterial and antifungal as well as a natural antibiotic without nasty side effects.  It can help wounds to heal more quickly and fights bacteria.   Propolis can help with asthma, arthritis, and allergies and it is a good choice for ulcer control.
Do You Have a Magnesium Deficiency?  Here are the signs!

Do You Have a Magnesium Deficiency? Here are the signs!

More than 80% of Americans are currently suffering from a magnesium deficiency.  Most people have never heard about maintaining the optimal level of magnesium, and this is why they are unaware that they are missing this mineral.  This “master mineral” affects more than 300 enzymatic processes that assist with normal body function.

Magnesium is a key to unlocking hundreds of enzymatic reactions that take place in the body and have an effect on every biological system.  It activates enzymes that deal with digestion and the absorption and utilization of food consumed by you.  It creates energy by activating the molecules that store fuel in the body.  What are the symptoms of magnesium deficiency?

  1. Cravings for Chocolate. One square of dark chocolate can provide you with around 24% of you daily magnesium requirements.  If you have intense chocolate cravings, this can be a sign of magnesium deficiency.
  1. You experience intense anxiety. Magnesium is a powerful relaxation mineral, and when you experience anxiety, it is often an early symptom of the effect of magnesium deficiency on your central nervous system.
  1. Muscle spasms and cramps. These involuntary muscle contractions can be extremely painful.  Magnesium can help to relax your muscles, so when you are suffering from a magnesium deficiency, your muscles contract involuntarily.
  1. Constipation is another sign that you are magnesium deficient. If you have low magnesium your intestines contract, and this makes it hard for stool to pass through.  Magnesium relaxes your bowel and pulls water into the bowels helping to soften stool.
  1. Do you have a hard time falling asleep or with constant awakening in the middle of the night?  If you do not have enough magnesium in your body, you may have a hard time sleeping and staying asleep.  When magnesium levels are low in your body at night, you will have a very poor sleep cycle.
  1. If you have high blood pressure, even though you eat a healthy diet. Low magnesium causes blood vessels to constrict more which causes high blood pressure.  If you have low magnesium, it can also put your electrolytes out of balance.  Electrolytes that are out of balance can also cause high blood pressure.
  1. Heart arrhythmia can be caused by a magnesium deficiency. If the heart does not have sufficient magnesium, it cannot properly contract which can lead to irregular heartbeats.

Do you eat a lot of refined sugar?  Baked goods and foods that are high in sugar are something that has no magnesium and causes the body to excrete magnesium through the kidneys.  Sweet foods are known as an “anti-nutrient” because they replace nutritious whole foods in your diet, and they consume nutrients from your body while they are being digested which results in a net loss.

It is important to eat foods that are high in magnesium including chard, spinach, kale, almonds, sunflower seeds, avocados and green leafy vegetables.  You will need to stop eating foods that deplete your nutrients including sugar and flour.  If you plan to eat chocolate, make certain it is raw and organic.  The best source for magnesium is in natural foods, but if you need to supplement, make sure you choose a supplement that can be easily absorbed by the body.  Transdermal products are popular because they can be absorbed into the skin.  You will want to find the best available product because it can be used for aches and pains while supplying you with all of the magnesium that you need.  A good supplement will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, peak performance, and unlimited energy.  Your body should receive the maximum amount of magnesium so that you have it for every single body function that is needed for your body.