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11 Superfoods Healthier Than Kale

11 Superfoods Healthier Than Kale

If you’ve ever been to Whole Foods with me, than you KNOW that I am obsessed with SUPERFOODS!

I’m the weird dude that smells like essential oils and has a cart full of foods that most people have never even heard of.

True story, last time I was in whole foods – the women in the superfood isle called 3 other people into the department to listen to what I had to say about changing your body’s electromagnetic field through high vibing food!

Why I love Superfoods

Currently, you and I are living in a toxic environment, my friend. Everywhere we go there are more and more toxins creeping up on us. Should you live in fear, build a giant bubble and only go outside in that plastic construct that protects you?

In studying about toxins and all the nasty things in our food and environment, it can be easy to get discouraged. Sometimes it can feel absolutely impossible to eat clean! Modern society had made cheap food convenient and healthy food something for the wealthy.

Should we be scared? Angry? Bitter? Sad? Hopeless? I don’t think so.

Mother Nature has not left us alone. She is still working hard to provide us with amazing, nutrient-dense, healing superfoods that can help protect and heal us from the toxins in our world.

I’m telling you, superfoods are some of the highest vibing food you will ever come across! If you are ready to raise your own vibes and start feeling amazing, you’ve come to the right place.

FitLife’s Top 11 Superfoods

#1 Chlorella

Chlorella is a single celled microalgae that is loaded with nutrients needed for many body functions. This is one of the very first super foods I ever purchased!

Daily consumption of chlorella has been linked to lowered risk of cardiovascular disease.

Some evidence shows that chlorella, which is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, may help to relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia and other similar disorders like hypertension and ulcerative colitis.

Because chlorella is high in chlorophyll, it also helps to control hunger cravings, body odor, relieve swelling and redness from infections, promote cleansing and healing in the body and even protect DNA against fried foods.

#2 Moringa Leaf
Moringa Leaf

In 2007, Moringa leaf was recognized by the National Institute of Health as the Botanical of the Year! It is said to have saved more lives in Third World countries than any other plant and has potential to treat over 300 diseases.

An animal study done at the University of Allahabad showed Moringa lowers blood sugar levels by up to 29%! This puts Moringa Leaf high on the list of foods that may help those suffering from diabetes.

This superfood may also prove to have potent anti-cancer properties. A study at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute showed Moringa leaf can kill up to 93% of lung cancer cells!

Moringa leaf is also believed to boost the immune system, increase metabolism and help with weight loss, aid digestion, help with tumors and ulcers and to detoxify the kidneys and liver.

#3 Spirulina

Spirulina is a natural algae powder. May not look pretty but it is a nutritional monster! Spirulina is packed with chlorophyll, protein, iron, Vitamin C, D, A, E, B12, folic acid, potassium, calcium and ALL all essential amino acids!!

Studies have been done that show components in spirulina have neuroprotective benefits and may have potential as an alternative drug therapy in aging related disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Spirulina has been found to have incredibly high levels of antioxidants. It has 4 times the ORAC (or antioxidant value) of blueberries! It is a good source of gamma linoleic acid (GLA – an essential fatty acid) that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is a major cause/contributor to a number of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases.

Because of its high chlorophyll content, spirulina is a natural detoxifier and cleanser that removes foreign material (heavy metals, toxins etc.) from the body.

#4 Mint
mint leaves

Here’s a superfood you’re probably familiar with. Mint has an impressive lineup of antimicrobial, antiviral anti-tumor, anti-allergenic and antioxidant properties.

Mint is most well known for its healing effects on the digestive system. It soothes the stomach and also triggers the production of more saliva and digestive enzymes in the mouth. This helps to start the breakdown of foods before they even hit the intestines, making for more comfortable digestion.

Peppermint may help to alleviate gas and other sources of abdominal pain due to its relaxing effect on the muscles of the intestines. Some studies have found peppermint oil to be as effective as Buscopan for treating colonic spasms.

Dr. Mercola quotes several studies saying that Peppermint oil capsules are “the drug of first choice” in patients suffering from IBS.

#5 Matcha Green Tea
Organic Green Matcha Tea

A Japanese priest named Esai said of green tea: “Tea is the ultimate mental and medical remedy and has the ability to make one’s life more full and complete.” Matcha has remained a staple in sacred Japanese ceremonies for centuries.

Green Tea is is packed with antioxidants and nutrients, which reduce stress, regulate hormones and promote relaxation and mental clarity. It has long been used for weight loss and boosting the metabolism.

This superfood has particularly beneficial properties for the liver. Our liver is incredibly important as it removes toxins from the blood, regulates the composition of blood, processes nutrients and metabolizes drugs and substances like alcohol.

Matcha protects the liver from harmful chemicals, helps slow dehydration, inhibits tumor growth in the liver, protects against damage that is caused by medication, etc. The caffeine in matcha appears to help strengthen serum and membrane density in the liver.

#6 Wheatgrass

Some of the most powerful animals on the planet live off a diet of mainly grass. Turns out that consuming one ounce of wheatgrass is nutritionally equivalent to eating two pounds of greens…!

Wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll; a green-pigment molecule that gives plants power to absorb energy from the sun. Studies have shown that chlorophyll may help to protect DNA from toxin damage, suppress appetite, sooth infections and has powerful cleansing properties.

The chlorophyll in wheatgrass may also help those with anemia or other blood-related disorders. Animal studies have shown that administration of wheatgrass returns red cell count back to normal in animals with anemia within 4-5 days!

#7 Ashwagandha
ashwagandha herb

Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic medicine and use of the root can be traced back over 3000 years. It has been called “King and Queen of Herbs” and is esteemed very highly for its medicinal properties.

The Ashwagandha plant is a tonic and an adaptogen, which means it restores the brain and body to homeostasis after physical and psychological stress. Ashwagandha helps our bodies maintain balance and improves our ability to cope with stress.

A study published in the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine shows that Ashwagandha achieves a highly significant reduction in stress and anxiety, and serum cortisol levels. In fact it was able to reduce cortisol up to 27.9%!

One of my very favorite things about Ashwagandha (this blew my mind) is its ability to stimulate neurogenesis – the birth of new cells! Not very many plants out there can do this!

In human clinical trials, taking Ashwagandha by mouth for only five days suggested anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects just as strong as when taking certain pharmaceutical drugs.

#8 Turmeric
turmeric root

Turmeric is a popular spice that is widely used in India. It’s easy to use and inexpensive and my cupboards are absolutely full of it! The main ingredient found in turmeric is curcumin and most of it’s medicinal properties come from this active ingredient.

Research has linked turmeric to lower incidence of certain cancers like breast, prostate, lung and colon. Turmeric combined with onions has been shown to prevent colon cancer. A study published in the journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology found that turmeric and quercetin (found in onions) help prevent and even reduce precancerous cells in the colon. Turmeric combined with cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower is helpful in the prevention of prostate cancer.

Turmeric is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that are useful for preventing and alleviating symptoms of arthritis, muscle soreness, and much more. In research studies, cucumin is comparable to anti-inflammatory prescription and over the counter drugs like hydrocortisone and phenylbutazone.

Curcumin contains potent antioxidant effects. Clinical studies conducted on curcumin have found that it is able to neutralize free radicals that in many instances cause cancer.

Besides the benefits of antioxidant properties that turmeric provides, turmeric also is great for liver detoxification and improves liver function, cardiovascular protection, reduction of cholesterol levels and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Think we’re finished with this awesome superfood yet? Think again! Studies suggest turmeric is superior to Prozac in treating depression!

#9 Lemon
lemon slices

We’re big fans of lemons here at FitLife and use them on a daily basis for their nutritional, medicinal, healing and beautifying properties. There are SO MANY THINGS you can do with lemon juice and lemon peel that I could write a long book about them all!

Although lemon is an acidic fruit, it has an alkalizing effect on the body. Lemon balances the body’s pH, which in turn protects the body from illness and disease. You see, disease CANNOT thrive in an alkaline environment!

Lemons contain powerful antibacterial and anticancer properties and are rich in vitamin C. They also help to purify your blood and clean out the kidneys.

Drinking [eafl id=1053 name=”Perfect Water Purifier – articleLink2″ text=”clean filtered water”] with fresh squeezed lemon every morning is an excellent and easy habit that can make a big difference in your health!

#10 Beets
organic beets

Beets are packed with potassium, iron, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, manganese, folic acid and zinc. Beet juice is high in antioxidants and known for its ability to cleanse the liver, which has many benefits to the health of your skin!

When the liver becomes overloaded with toxins, it often sends them to the skin for detoxification help. In trying to process these substances, the skin can become inflamed or irritated. So supporting the liver is vital to maintaining beautiful skin!

Beet juice has also been shown to boost stamina. A study showed athletes who drank beetroot juice could exercise 16% longer than those who didn’t. That’s pretty impressive.

Beet juice may also be a helpful tool in overcoming symptoms of leaky gut.

Don’t get stuck only using the roots – the beet greens actually contain more nutrients than the roots!

#11 Monk Fruit

Did you know that monk fruit is 170% sweeter than regular sugar? Not only that but it is full of medicinal properties that have been recognized since the 13th century. It was known by Chinese monks as the longevity fruit and is believed to be a factor in their living to be over 100 years old.

Monk fruit is a powerful anti-allergenic because of its antihistamine-like effects. Histamine is also a problem in those with asthma, making this superfood beneficial on the respiratory system.

Monk fruit is also believed to sooth the digestive tract and boost the immune system.

If you are looking for that extra boost in life…

If you are wanting more energy…

If you are combating a challenging disease or illness…

I would HIGHLY recommend you turn to superfoods. They will give you the edge you need to jump to that next level of health and vitality.

If you’re busy and worried about having enough time and money to buy and make enough superfoods to keep you on top of your game, the FitLife team has created a green superfood powder with all the above listed superfoods just for you.

All you need to do is mix it with [eafl id=1053 name=”Perfect Water Purifier – articleLink2″ text=”filtered water”] and go!

This juice promotes neurogenesis. That’s the replication of brand new brain cells. What do you think juice like that could do for the rest of your body?

Join me for a glass of [eafl id=995 name=”Organifi Text – articleLink1″ text=”GREEN JUICE”] each day and together, we can raise the vibration of our world by doing whatever we can to be our best each day.

It starts with FOOD – it starts with YOU.

And I see you out there… and I want you to know that I am so proud of you for all the work you’re doing.

Keep it up!

Remember, we’re in this together.

Here’s EXACTLY What Your Drinking Water Is Doing To Your Body (Stop Drinking THIS)

Here’s EXACTLY What Your Drinking Water Is Doing To Your Body (Stop Drinking THIS)

Brita and Pur Filter Users Are Outraged
Most people who use a Brita or Pur Filter think their water is safe to drink.

The reality is it’s not.

All the Brita does is “reduce” Chlorine. The Pur helps reduce a few more chemicals. But their main purpose isn’t to eliminate toxins and chemicals. They’re just meant to make your water smell and taste better.

Yet few people realize how much nasty and dangerous stuff is in their water.

In fact the EPA openly admits there are toxic chemicals dribbling out of your tap. And those filters don’t remove them from your water. Things like bacteria, Chromium 6, Arsenic, prescription drugs, xenoestrogens, and perhaps worst of all…Fluoride.

Fluoride was originally put into our water to help fight against tooth decay.

Yet Dr. John Colquhoun, the dentist who first brought Fluoride to American drinking water, has now claimed it does not help prevent tooth decay. In fact, he now believes it’s toxic to the human body and should be removed from our water supply completely.

A study from Tucson, Arizona which followed 26,000 school children, revealed that the more fluoride a child drank, the more cavities appeared in their teeth.

And that’s not the worst part. Clinical studies have found that fluoride can actually weaken your bones and increase hip fractures.

Harvard research shows that high fluoride levels can lower IQ…
Perfect Water Pitcher Demo

Unfortunately drinking bottled water doesn’t solve the problem either.

Did you know that up to 40% of bottled water is just tap water? That’s right. Many bottled water companies simply bottle up your tap water and sell it back to you for massive profits.

Business Insider did research that showed the average price for bottled water purchases is $7.50 a gallon. That’s double or triple the price of gasoline depending on where you live!

And it’s about $1.22 a gallon if you buy it in bulk.

If you drink the water from your refrigerator that won’t solve the problem either. The water from your fridge is actually the same exact water that comes out of your sink! Even if your fridge has a filter it’s no better than the Brita or Pur.

The reality is you need to take action into your own hands and filter your water to guarantee your not contaminating your body with cancer causing toxins.

Your Brita or Pur won’t do the trick. So what’s the solution?

Fortunately companies like General Electric and [eafl id=1053 name=”Perfect Water Purifier – articleLink2″ text=”Perfect Water”] have figured out how to filter our water. The [eafl id=1053 name=”Perfect Water Purifier – articleLink2″ text=”Perfect Water filter”] automatically pulls out fluoride, heavy metals, and prescription drugs from your water in just seconds.

Fat Burning Morning Drink

Fat Burning Morning Drink

When we awaken in the morning, we are ending a period of fasting that has lasted all night long.  The first thing that you consume in the morning is very important and can have a critical impact on our health.  Easy absorption on an empty stomach is the main reason.

A simple glass of warm filtered water containing cayenne pepper, lemon and apple cider vinegar can have a significant impact on your health.  The benefits of this simple drink are extensive and nothing short of amazing.  Want to know more about the benefits that you will see from consuming this beverage first thing every morning? Here they are:

The lemon helps to break up mucus, helping to clear your sinuses that can be a significant benefit for allergy sufferers or those who have a cold or flu.

  • Restoration of the alkaline acid balance in your body which will relieve any issues that you are suffering due your consumption of a diet that is high in acid-producing foods.
  • This beverage will help to remove toxins from the body.
  • Clears up the skin and gives it a noticeably healthy glow.
  • Can help to break down fats in the body which will result in noticeable weight loss.
  • This beverage will lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels.
  • Feeds the liver and detoxifies it at the same time.
  • Strengthens the immune system so you do not get sick as often.
  • Gives your body a lighter feeling.
  • Boosts up the metabolism and gives you more energy to get on with your day.
  • Purifies the colon which makes it much easier to improve the digestive process and allow your body to absorb nutrients more easily. Colon purification helps to clear up the skin and improve its appearance.
  • Can effectively lower high blood pressure.
  • Helps your digestive system and allows you to eliminate waste more regularly and efficiently.
  • Pushes your lymph system into balance that can assist with the various daily functions of the body. It can also help to fight infection and to balance the body fluids.


Here is the recipe for this amazing fat burning morning drink:

Use 12 ounces of warm filtered water (not HOT water).  Hot water will break down many of the essential properties of the majority of these ingredients including enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

Add juice from a half of a lemon

Add in 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

Add a dash of cayenne pepper to the beverage


  • Always drink this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach when you first wake up.
  • Stir all of the ingredients together and drink the beverage immediately.
  • It is a good idea to drink this concoction through a straw so that you do not get all of the acids on your teeth that can cause damage, especially if you are drinking this every day.
  • Don’t eat anything else for 10 – 15 minutes so that you allow your body a chance to absorb all of the ingredients.

When you first begin drinking this mixture you may find it very tart and difficult to consume.  If necessary, add in a teaspoon of honey that will add a little bit of sweetness.  As you start to get used to the taste you can start to reduce the honey until you no longer need to add the honey.  This drink has a lot of major health benefits, and your body is going to appreciate it.  You may not like it at first, but once you make it a habit of drinking this daily, you are well on your way to enjoying the health benefits that this elixir provides.

5 Ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar

5 Ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar

For hundreds of years, vinegar has been used for various household and cleaning purposes as well as it’s healing and anti-aging properties.  The most popular vinegar among the health community, apple cider vinegar, is scientifically supported to ease gastrointestinal distress, aid in weight loss, lower blood sugar, and reduce symptoms of autoimmune disease, just to name a few. Apple cider vinegar is made by crushing organic apples and squeezing out the juice, then adding yeast and bacteria to the juice to start the fermentation process that gives ACV it’s digestive qualities. Then, even more bacteria is added in until the juice turns into the vinegar that we all know and love.

You can incorporate apple cider vinegar into your daily routine by simply mixing it with water for a natural topical solution, drinking a few tablespoons in your water or juice, adding it into your recipes, or, if you’re brave, simply sipping it straight out of the bottle (Shots! Shots! Shots! …Obviously, things get crazy in my house when there’s ACV around!). But just in case you are not convinced that you should be using this miracle substance on a daily basis, here are 5 more benefits to utilizing apple cider vinegar.

  • Fighting Dandruff – Okay, Snow White, there is hope for a dandruff free life! Long live the black shirts! All you need to do is mix equal parts water and ACV into a spray bottle. After shampooing, generously spritz the mixture onto your wet hair, let it sit for 2 minutes and rinse. The acidic environment of the ACV prevents dandruff causing fungus from forming and growing on your scalp. Easy and worth it, right?
  • Stopping a Sore Throat – With cold and flu season upon us, boosting your immune system is the best thing you can do to prevent calling in sick from work. If you start to feel a little tickle in your throat, simply mix 1 teaspoon. of ACV with a teaspoon of cayenne and a tablespoon honey to make a throat soothing elixir. The antibacterial properties of the honey and ACV is sure to arm your immune cells with the proper tools to fight off the cause of your sore throat, and the cayenne will work to alleviate the pain. As an added bonus, it’s also a fat burner!
  • Clear up your Skin – If you are suffering from oily skin, look no further! ACV is a natural astringent that pulls the impurities from your skin ad help reduce the oils, limiting your breakouts! The acidity also balances out the PH of your skin, keeping your skin feeling healthy and glowing. Simply use 1 part ACV to 1 part water, and dab it on your skin, focusing in your breakout areas.
  • Whiten your Teeth – If you have family portraits or an Instagram photoshoot going on in the near future, forget whitening gels or strips and pick up a bottle of ACV. Mix equal parts water and ACV, swish and spit, then brush and floss as usual. The acids found in ACV will help lift stains from the teeth, giving you a vibrant white smile. All that said, do use this with caution, as overuse of this technique can strip the enamel from your teeth. As they say, too much of any good thing can be a bad thing!
  • Digestive Balance – Last, but certainly not least, ACV is an incredible digestive aid, helping you absorb more nutrients from your food in addition to aiding you in weight loss! That’s because consuming ACV helps your body stimulate gastric juices that break down what you are eating even more, giving the villi in your intestines a better opportunity to grab the nutrients as they pass by. When you are absorbing these nutrients properly, your body runs smoothly and doesn’t crave vitamins and minerals that you are eating, but not able to utilize. This keeps your body out of starvation mode, meaning more fat loss and energy! Simply try mixing 1 Tbsp of ACV with a glass of water or tea before every meal to reduce uncomfortable bloating, constipation and aid in that nutrient uptake.

These five benefits of ACV are just a small handful selected from a seemingly never-ending list of proven apple cider vinegar uses that are both helpful and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Be sure to check back for even more benefits of using ACV, including recipes and videos, and let us know your favorite ways to use apple cider vinegar in your home in the comments section below!

9 Tips for Shopping at the Farmers’ Market

9 Tips for Shopping at the Farmers’ Market

Any given day of the week in California, you are bound to find a farmers market within a reasonable driving distance. There, you can purchase a bounty of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and cheese, learn secrets to picking the best watermelons, and make a connection with the people who get their hands dirty and grow our food.

Personally, I come from a long line of farmers and ranchers, so it’s no great secret that I love to support local farmers who make a living off of growing and harvesting their own crops and animals. It takes an extreme amount of hard work and dedication to turn even the smallest plot of land into a working farm and turn a profit. Once you start chatting with the retailers at your local farmers market, you too will see the pride and love that they have for each item on their table. And who wouldn’t want to buy fresh ingredients from someone who puts their heart and soul into their work, rather than the mass producers that seemingly only care about their bottom line? Many people avoid farmers markets simply because they don’t know what to expect, so enjoy the freshest flavors with these 9 tips to help you at your next Farmers Market trip.


  • Learn What Time To Shop

To get the freshest ingredients, the best time to visit the farmers market is early in the morning. If you don’t get there early-ish, be prepared to rummage through a few piles of kale to find the perfect bunch. This is especially true if chefs are purchasing inventory for their restaurants. That said, if you get there later, especially near the end of the farmers market, you will be more likely to get great deals on produce that is still farm fresh and delicious.

  • BYOB- Bring Your Own Bags

While some stands do offer bags for their customers, bringing your own reusable bags, coolers, or a cart, depending on how much you intend to purchase, is ideal. The cost of bags greatly cuts into a farmers small price margins and they greatly appreciate the gesture. I believe that small, simple gesture is a great way to help build a relationship with the person who grows your food, thusly giving you better treatment. People want to take care of those who take care of them.

  • Small Bills Are a Must

Especially if you are arriving early, bring small bills. Most farmers markets only accept cash as a form of payment, so if you don’t have exact change, small bills are a great way to get as close as you can to the cost of your purchase. This also helps the farmer out by providing him or her with change to use for customers later on.

  • Ask Questions

Perhaps the greatest thing about visiting the farmers market is that you can look the grower of your food in the eye and discuss exactly how your food was grown, where it came from, how to properly prepare it, and feel confident that you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Normally, the story of their farm and how they grow their food is enough to keep you coming back every week.

  • Specifically, Ask Why It’s Not Certified Organic

USDA certifications are not cheap. Many farms that sell food at the farmers market are very small operations that cannot afford that expensive USDA certification that says they are organic, even if their products aren’t treated with pesticides or antibiotics, and are organically grown. It pays off to ask your farmer why they aren’t certified, and gives you an opportunity to support a small local business. If it’s not organic, you are voicing that you do care how your food is grown.

  • Don’t Ignore Foods You Aren’t Familiar With

If there is a food you don’t recognize, chances are the farmer will be more than happy to tell you all about it. Remember, they are trying to build a business, so if they have a unique product, they will jump on the opportunity to make you aware of how that product is unique. Don’t be afraid to ask the farmer what it tastes like, how to prepare it, and the health benefits of consuming that food.

  • Go For the Ugly Duckling

We have been conditioned to reach for the perfectly round tomatoes, the shiny apples and the spotless bunch of kale. But don’t let a little dirt or misshapen edges scare you away. In fact, not only will the ugly’s be less expensive, they also taste the best. But don’t take my word for it, judge it for yourself!

  • Is it Really Healthy?

Just because you are at a farmers market, doesn’t mean that everything sold there is healthy. Of course that’s not to say that you can’t enjoy these things in moderation, but gluten free corn dogs are still corn dogs. When in doubt, just reach for the organic peaches.

  • Don’t be Afraid To Haggle

Just like everyone else, farmers are trying to make a living. That said, especially near the end of the day, they would rather make some money than no money on the produce that will be wasted if it doesn’t sell. As consumers, we are always looking for the best deal- so if you are confident enough to ask if they will take a lesser rate, especially near the end of the day, chances are, they will.

Cilantro Lime Chicken Recipe and Video

Cilantro Lime Chicken Recipe and Video

Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken

Dairy Free, Grain Free

My all time absolute favorite meal has always been some variation of Mexican food. From tacos to taco salads, there is nothing that brings me the comforts of home as much as a flavorful dish incorporating Mexican spices, beans, cheese, and shredded chicken wrapped up in a tortilla. As we settle down, build our families and sink into full time jobs, it becomes all too clear that life has a funny way of creating busy schedules, timelines, annoying weight gain and health complications to go along with all of our blessings, and we are forced to learn how to adjust our lifestyle and taste preferences to accompany our priorities. After recognizing these priorities for myself, I’ve gotten more conscious about my time and health, and have had to get creative on ways to bring the essence of Mexico into an easy, healthy, authentic dish that could fool me into believing it is a dish straight from my childhood. Enter my Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken.

The beauty of using a slow cooker is that it gives you the freedom to leave it on all day long and come home to a house that smells fantastic and a ready to eat meal that requires minimal effort to put together. Plus, it’s cost efficient! To give the chicken it’s flavor (while omitting dairy, beans, corn and grains), this recipe calls for some pretty powerful ingredients to kick your taste buds into gear. That said, the slow cooker is a fairly forgiving method of cooking, which means you can experiment with a variety of flavors. One of my personal favorite additions to this recipe is topping it off with 505 Southwestern Hatch Valley Green Chile Salsa just before closing the lid. It gives it an extra blast of authentic Mexican flavor without being too spicy or salty. As an added bonus, if you have leftovers after dinner, this chicken keeps very well in the fridge and you can use it to top salads or tortillas for days to come.

Cooking healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Let us know your thoughts on this recipe in the comments section below, and leave us your requests for future recipes that you want to see get a health makeover.


2 lb Organic Chicken Breast,

4 Limes, halved and juiced

1 Jalapeño, deveined to reduce spice

1 Vine ripe tomato

3 Cups Frozen Fire Roasted Peppers and Onions (My favorite is the Trader Joe’s Brand. You can substitute this for 1-2 fresh peppers and 1 small white onion)

1 white onion, diced

1-2 Bunches Cilantro, roughly chopped

4 tsp Organic Stevia

2 tsp Bragg Sea Kelp Seasoning

Pink Himalayan Salt and Pepper, to taste

Optional: top with ½ cup 505 Southwestern Hatch Valley Green Chile Salsa- YUM!


Place your chicken breast into the slow cooker. On top, add the juice of 4 limes, and let tenderize while you chop your vegetables and cilantro.

After preparing your vegetables and cilantro, layer them on top of the chicken along with the frozen peppers and onion. Sprinkle with the stevia, Bragg Sea Kelp Seasoning, salt and pepper.

Secure the lid on the slow cooker and set it to low for 6-7 hours for tender, shredded chicken. If you have less time, you can set the slow cooker to High, however your chicken may come out less tender.

Serve immediately over a bed of lettuce or tortillas and top with your favorite ingredients like salsa, guacamole, or pico de gallo, or refrigerate and enjoy leftovers.


3 Ingredient non-dairy Peach Mango Ice Cream

3 Ingredient non-dairy Peach Mango Ice Cream


When cutting out inflammatory foods and dieting for weight loss, one of the most popular food groups to avoid is dairy. Consuming dairy is one of the most common causes of chronic inflammation, leading to fat storage. Though effective for weight loss, it is also one of the most difficult food groups to give up. That said, refined sugars rival dairy for the role of most difficult (yet crucial) foods to avoid, especially if you battle a persistent sweet tooth like I do. Maybe that is why many people, including myself, have struggled with giving up the combination of dairy and sugar in their nightly ice cream or frozen yogurt ritual.

Because of this predicament, I created this simple 3-ingredient anti-inflammatory ice cream that is SO easy, inexpensive and quick to make. You don’t need an ice cream machine and an entire day to dedicate to making it; All you need is frozen fruit, coconut cream and a blender. Personally, my favorite flavor is a peach-mango combination, but realistically you can use any combination of fruit, taking care to adjust the amount of coconut cream as necessary. There is no reason not to try this simple recipe; It’s delicious, nutritious, and satisfies that ice cream craving we know all too well. Enjoy!

3 Ingredient Peach-Mango Ice Cream


1 Cup Organic Frozen Peaches

1 Cup Organic Frozen Mango

¼ – ½ Cup Coconut Cream ( depending on desired consistency)

Optional: 1 tbsp. Organic agave or honey


Place the frozen fruit directly in the blender and pulse until pureed. *This works best with a Vitamix, but I have used a Ninja successfully as well)

Add the coconut milk (and optional honey/agave) and puree until the fruit and coconut milk is incorporated.

Scoop into bowls and enjoy immediately.

How to Prevent Weight Rebound with Turmeric

How to Prevent Weight Rebound with Turmeric

Turmeric is the earthy spice known to give curry it’s trademark yellow color. It has been a staple in Indian foods for thousands of years, in addition to being utilized for it’s strong medicinal properties. Turmeric is made up of compounds called curcuminoids, named for the most well known and main active compound, curcumin. Curcumin is a strong antioxidant and arguably the most effective anti-inflammatory compound, not only fighting inflammation when it occurs, but stopping at the source, before it even begins.

It is now believed that every chronic disease, including heart disease, thyroid disease and diabetes, has a strong correlation with chronic internal inflammation that you may not know even exists in your body. That said, regulating your body’s silent inflammatory response by utilizing turmeric and curcumin not only helps manage chronic disease, but is an important disease preventative. In fact, curcumin is so powerful that it is said to rival some anti-inflammatory drugs, even preventing fat accumulation and rebound, a common symptom of chronic inflammation. That is because of it’s anti-angiogenic properties and it’s ability to lower cholesterol levels, thusly reducing overall weight loss.

Buy Proline Organic Turmeric Curcumin

Simply incorporating this colorful spice into your diet will provide you with a host of health benefits and prevent countless health complications. Turmeric and curcumin are available in capsule form from Proline Organic to ensure you are getting it in your system consistently with your daily vitamin stack. Talk to your doctor or give it a try to see how turmeric can assist in your weight loss journey, by lowering your inflammatory response and optimizing your health!

Thomas DeLauer Explains – What is a Health Hack?

Thomas DeLauer Explains – What is a Health Hack?

By now you’ve probably heard me talk about these crazy “health hacks” a couple of times and you may be wondering what in the heck I am actually referring to when I say that. Well, let’s settle that so that my articles and videos can begin making sense!

A “health hack” is simply an easy to implement strategy to help you live a healthier, purer and more active life; and more often than not, can be implemented that very day with little to no extra effort. It, in effect, is “hacking” your own body, much like a computer hacker will “hack” into a computer. It’s a simple shortcut to better health.

For example, I have posted health hacks about using lemon in your water or maybe adding apple cider vinegar after a couple of meals to aid in digestion. Some may know of them as “tips” or maybe some other terms, but the new-fangled way of saying that has become “hacks.”

So from now on, if you hear me say “health hack,” be sure to listen closely, because it might just be something that can help make your life much, much easier!

Why Drinking Red Wine Will Help You Lose Weight

Why Drinking Red Wine Will Help You Lose Weight

Growing up in the heart of the wine country in Sonoma Valley, I’m no stranger to the world of reds, whites and sparkling. That said, when I got serious about my diet and exercise regimen, I cut out all alcohol, thinking it would produce the best results for my body.  But it wasn’t until I visited with a friend who happens to be a private winemaker, that I learned about all of the positive benefits of red wine, and why I might be missing out on an opportunity to decrease even more belly fat, just by drinking it every other night. This was news to me, and the idea of enjoying a glass of vino with my broccoli and chicken while losing even more stubborn belly fat in the process sounded just shy of the best thing since sliced bread. Gluten free bread, of course.

After discussing the topic with my wine expert friend at length and following up the conversation with my own research, I found that not only does wine consist of a powerful cancer and disease-fighting antioxidant, it can reduce belly fat and increase your endurance level. And who can argue with wine logic?

Why Wine?

The truth is, as much as we love wine, we are mainly after a component most commonly found in and associated with wine, called resveratrol. [eafl id=647 name=”Amazon – Resveratrol” text=”Resveratrol”] is a powerful antioxidant found in certain fruits, vegetables and chocolates. Minus the vegetables, we have ourselves a perfect girls night in! It is produced when the skin of the fruit is penetrated, prompting healing properties to release, essentially protecting our bodies from illness, injuries and inflammation. Because of it’s potent antioxidant qualities, taking resveratrol will ultimately help fight and fend off a wide variety of cancers, lower your risk for diabetes and heart disease, and even help control and treat chronic inflammatory disease. Wine also consists of potassium and iron, which, respectively, help keep your heart beating strong and deliver oxygen to your body. In addition, wine also contains high quantities of fluoride, manganese, phosphorous and choline, and vitamins B6 and B2, which give you an extra boost of energy and oxygen! Resveratrol is also found to activate the SIRT1 gene, which is a biological mechanism that protects the body against obesity and aging!

Resveratrol also is making waves in the endurance department, as it is shown to activate enzymes that increase your muscles ability to better utilize oxygen. Runners recognize this performance enhancement as a higher VO2 Max, which essentially means that the higher your VO2 max, the longer you can keep up with an intense workout. In simplified terms, when your muscles are using oxygen more efficiently, you are processing energy more efficiently, and ultimately have increased endurance abilities.

Drinking a small glass of red wine with dinner every other night is not only delicious and refreshing, research has shown that it rewards you with increased endurance benefits and less body mass than those who only enjoy wine on occasion. All of the nutrients and antioxidant properties found in wine work seamlessly to give you that extra boost of oxygen and energy that you need to enhance your performance and shrink your waist!

Pair Every Other Dinner with Red Wine

I must divulge, I am thoroughly addicted to drinking apple cider beverages with dinner every night (trust me- it’s amazing for your digestive health! More on this later…) so the thought of switching out my beloved, healthy ACV for a glass of wine sounded intimidating. Instead, I pulled up my big girl pants and chose to drink a small glass of wine with dinner every other night, and save my ACV beverage for the days I don’t have wine, or after dinner on the days I do have it, so I could get the best of both worlds with fat burning and added digestive health. The trick is, instead of consuming a full glass of wine, stick to pouring only 2-3 ounces. That sounds easy enough, right? Some wine is better than no wine!

Why 2-3 Ounces?

Remember, consuming a small amount of wine is a great opportunity to remove belly fat and increase your endurance. But a line between healthy and unhealthy must be drawn, and consuming a large amount of wine for it’s health benefits is like telling an insanely hot guy that you have 15 cats and knit tea cozies for fun. Just don’t do it, you are throwing away a perfectly good opportunity! I find that it is incredibly easy to go overboard on a good vino, so if you limit yourself to those 2-3 ounces, you’ll be at the perfect amount for the added health benefits, without going too overboard. Hot guy may or may not be included.

What if I Don’t Want the Alcohol?

For those who want the increased endurance and fat burning benefits without the enjoyment of wine (I mean… Are you even human?!), resveratrol supplements are available at your local vitamin retailers, so you can get the goodies without the added calories, sugar and alcohol. That said, most capsules contain contain extracts from the Japanese and Chinese knotweed plant, while fewer contain the extract from grapes or red wine. Doctors have found an even stronger way to naturally fight inflammation and increase antioxidant properties by supplementing with both resveratrol and curcumin, derived from turmeric, together to get a potent inflammation fighting concoction that is extremely high in antioxidants and beneficial for weight loss.

Top 9 Reasons to Supplement With Resveratrol

1.     Endurance Enhancement

Supplementing with [eafl id=647 name=”Amazon – Resveratrol” text=”Resveratrol”] has been proven to enhance cardiac function as well as help your muscles better utilize oxygen and energy. This is known as an increased VO2 max, which improves your ability to workout harder, faster and for a longer period of time. Research has shown a performance increase of 21% when supplementing with resveratrol and endurance training.

2.     Improved Weightloss

Studies have shown that resveratrol boosts our muscles ability to absorb glucose. This means that more calories will be utilized and burned off by our muscles than stored in the body as fat. Resveratrol also activates the SIRT1 gene, which again, is the biological mechanism that protects the body against obesity! Because resveratrol also increases your body’s energy and endurance, you are ultimately left with a healthy, natural way to burn that stubborn belly fat while increasing your performance and feeling amazing.

3.     Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease has repeatedly hit the ranks as one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Studies have shown that just by drinking a small glass of red wine every night, or every other night, you can reduce your risk of heart disease and atherosclerotic disease by 30%! If your family has a history of heart disease, red wine and/or resveratrol is one of the best ways that you can avoid cardiac related conditions.

4.     Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol (LDL) is something we all want to be mindful of, especially as we are getting older. Supplementing with resveratrol or red wine has been proven to reduce your blood levels of LDL cholesterol in addition to protecting against heart attacks and heart disease, thanks to it’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. If you suffer from high cholesterol, talk to your doctor about supplementing with resveratrol to help manage and lower your levels!

5.     Cancer Prevention

Because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties and high potency of antioxidants, recent studies have concluded that resveratrol is an effective anticancer agent, and proven to slow down the production of cancer cells. If you have a history of cancer in your family, and more specifically colon cancer, supplementing with resveratrol, or obtaining it naturally through eating grapes, blueberries, cranberries, red wine or dark chocolate will work as a cancer preventative and/or limit the spread of the cancer.

6.     Anti-Aging Qualities

Cataracts and bone loss are both common signs of aging. A study by Missouri researchers, however, concluded that supplementing with resveratrol provides you with a way to combat this normal aging process, and potentially reverse it by regulating angiogenesis and preventing the abnormal growth of blood vessels that cause poor eyesight. The SIRT1 gene that is activated by resveratrol consumption is also beneficial in fighting aging! If you are experiencing bone loss or vision loss, you can also try supplementing with omega3’s, betacarotene, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin E.

7.     Hormonal Support

As men age, it’s very common to have a decrease of testosterone. If you think this may be a factor for you, you can talk to your doctor about testosterone replacement therapy. However, studies conducted on mice have shown an increase of blood testosterone concentration by 50% or more over a 28 day period of taking resveratrol every day. Even if you don’t see quite as drastic of a change in 28 days, researchers still conclude that supplementing with resveratrol or red wine is likely to assist in boosting your testosterone!

8.     Increased Focus

Drinking red wine has proven to increase neurological blood flow, post consumption, prompting better memory function and overall increased mental performance. It is one of the few supplements that can cross the blood-brain barrier and help protect your brain and nervous system from brain fog and inflammation. Have a big test coming up? Try supplementing with resveratrol to improve your focus and ace it!

9.     Fight Inflammation

Resveratrol has been proven to prevent your body from creating two molecules known to cause inflammation (sphingosine kinase and phospholipase D), and is thusly effective in fighting chronic inflammation as well as disease associated with inflammation, like diabetes, Hashimoto’s, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and even Alzheimers disease. Lower your inflammatory response by consuming resveratrol every other  day!


Let’s Get Started

Pour 2-3 ounces of wine in a glass.

Drink it.

Be happy.

You’re welcome.




Talk to your doctor or visit your vitamin retailer to find the resveratrol supplement that’s right for you.


Resveratrol is most commonly associated with wine, however you can obtain resveratrol naturally through fruits like blueberries, cranberries, grapes and chocolate (in my world, chocolate is a fruit). That said, while drinking a small 2-3 ounce glass of wine every other night is deemed healthy, it may not be for everyone. If you prefer to supplement with resveratrol instead, you can find resveratrol supplements and your vitamin retailer. Talk to your doctor about supplementing with resveratrol if you are pregnant, have any hormone related condition.. Resveratrol may slow blood clotting, or increase your risk of bleeding during surgery, so it’s advised that you stop taking resveratrol at least 2 weeks prior to any planned surgeries.

Do you drink red wine or supplement with resveratrol? Have you seen the health benefits? Let us know in the comments below.