Signs of Chronic Inflammation

Signs of Chronic Inflammation

If you hurt yourself by smashing your foot, and it starts to become tender and red and radiates heat, then you have signs of inflammation.  This form of inflammation is called acute inflammation and is good for your body because it is the healing process that will make your foot feel better in just a few short days.  Chronic inflammation is not good for the body because it is linked to a broad range of problems from hair loss to diabetes, and it is mostly undetectable.   There are some symptoms that you may experience that can be a good indication that you have chronic inflammation, and they are:


Depression is not always caused by inflammation, but inflammation can be a cause of disease.  Even minor increases in inflammation can increase depression risk.  Studies have shown that reducing inflammation with omega-3 fatty acids and exercise can be an effective treatment for depression.

Chronic Stomach Pain

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is caused by inflammation of the bowel, and the symptoms include cramps in the abdomen, pain, diarrhea and constipation that leads to a constant stomach ache.  Celiac disease can lead to intolerance of gluten and also irritable bowel syndrome that are symptoms of inflammation that is occurring inside of the body.

You Are Always Tired

You work full time, sleep very little and take care of kids, spouse, pets, so it’s no wonder that you are tired.  If you are exhausted all of the time, even on those days when you have had adequate sleep, then the inflammation may be the underlying cause.  Inflammation could be the key because it can negatively affect the entire central nervous system that is where your brain and spinal cord are located.

Many people who suffer from an inflammation disorder have no idea what they can do to eliminate it.    Doctors provide prescription drugs to address the symptoms, but that does not deal with the cause of the inflammation.  Inflammation starts with the gut and causes an autoimmune reaction that turns into inflammation.  To overcome a disease or to manage it, it needs to be addressed at every level.

Where did the Inflammation Start?

Your gut is comprised of an extensive semi-permeable lining, the surface area of which would cover two tennis courts if it were stretched out and flattened.  The degree to which it is permeable can fluctuate as it responds to a variety of chemical conditions.  If your cortisol is elevated from stress, then your intestinal lining could become more porous as a result.  If you eat at that point then the toxins, yeast, food and viruses can pass through your intestine into the bloodstream – Leaky Gut Syndrome.

If the lining of the intestine is repeatedly damaged from leaky gut syndrome, those damaged cells can no longer do their job properly.  They are no longer able to utilize nutrients and enzymes that are needed to digest food properly.  What occurs is the impairment of digestion, and then the nutrients are negatively affected.  As your body is further exposed, it attacks the foreign invaders and responds with further inflammation, allergies and symptoms of various diseases.

The result is that your immune system becomes overburdened, and the inflammation triggers start to affect nerves, connective tissues, organs, joints and muscles that lead to disease.  It is likely that if there were no inflammation many diseases would not exist.

It is important to analyze the lifestyle and make the necessary changes to reverse inflammation.

Here are the necessary steps:

  1. Remove adverse mechanisms including stress, poor sleep, and blood sugar dysregulation.
  2. Restore beneficial mechanisms including keeping a positive attitude, getting adequate sleep and restoring the balance of blood sugar.
  3. Add natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to your diet. Spices like turmeric and ginger are considered the best natural anti-inflammatories.

Improve the diet by removing food that causes autoimmune triggers and promoting the integrity of the intestine by ensuring there is proper flora.

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