8 Reasons to Quit Drinking Diet Soda

8 Reasons to Quit Drinking Diet Soda

We have been brainwashed to believe that diet soda is healthy for us because it doesn’t contain all of the sugar of regular soda.  Whether you are trying to clean up your diet, or you have been experiencing a weight loss plateau, diet soda is something that you need to eliminate.  Once you stop drinking diet soda, your health is going to improve substantially.  If you have read any research on diet soda, then you probably already know the reasons, but we will list some here.

  1. Eliminate Migraine Headaches and Sharpen your Focus

When you quit drinking diet soda, you are going to notice that you can think a lot more clearly.  The chemicals that are in aspartame can alter your brain chemicals, affect nerve signals and your brain’s reward system, and this can lead to anxiety, headaches and insomnia.  An animal study on rats showed that it caused damage to the cells and nerve endings in the part of the brain that handles motor skills.

  1. Your Taste Buds Will Become More Sensitive

Food will have more flavor and become more enjoyable.  That is because artificial sweeteners overwhelm taste buds with too much sweetness.  Aspartame is on average 200 times sweeter than table sugar and Splenda is 600 times sweeter.  Brain scans have shown that diet soda can alter the receptors in the brain that handles sweets and prolong sugar cravings instead of satisfying them.  People who give up diet soda tend to choose healthier snacks and then if they try diet soda again, they find it far too sweet.

  1. You will Finally Lose Weight

When you started to drink diet soda to help you with weight loss, it did the opposite for you.  When you quit drinking diet soda, you may find that it increases your chances of weight loss.  Diet soda increases obesity, packs on belly fat and increases metabolic syndrome including high blood pressure and high triglycerides that can cause diabetes and heart disease.

  1. Bones Get Stronger

When you stop drinking diet soda your risk of fractures is reduced, and your bone strength will improve, and your risk of fractures will decrease.  Drinking diet soda daily leads to weakened bones.

  1. Food Choices Get Better

Since diet soda is a zero calorie food people feel that it is safe to indulge in other areas by making poor food choices like fatty foods and sweets.  They believe that they can afford to eat the extra calories because they have conserved them with their selection of a diet soda.  Many people are conditioned to the fast food habit of a sweet drink combined with chips and a burger so when you quit drinking that soft drink you also tend to stop eating junk.

  1. You are better able to handle Alcohol

Diet soda gets you drunk more quickly when it is combined with alcohol.  Your stomach empties faster and causes a significant increase in the concentration of blood alcohol.  If you need a mix, choose club soda for an option that is sugar and calorie free.

  1. Improved Kidney Function

Once you stop drinking diet soda your body does not have to deal with the nasty ingredients contained in it.  Now your kidneys can do their real job that is to absorb minerals, clear toxins and stabilize blood pressure.

  1. Decreased Risk of Diabetes

Hormones are the biggest reason people gain weight when they start to drink diet soda.  If a person drinks two-thirds of a diet soda before they begin to eat, it causes the pancreas to release insulin, and that is when diabetes can occur.  The pancreas is being overworked to control the levels of blood sugar with diet soda even though it is “sugarless”.

If you are still consuming diet soda and need a reason to stop, hopefully, this article did the trick.  It is best if you can find another option like club soda if you want something fizzy or water.  Diet soda is something that has a lot of bad effects on your body and should be avoided.

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