How to Sneak Kale Into Smoothies You Actually Want to Drink

How to Sneak Kale Into Smoothies You Actually Want to Drink

I’ve gotten used to the taste of kale in my salads (after giving it a little massage) and totally enjoy them as crispy baked chips, but I still haven’t ventured into the world of kale smoothies.  When I think smoothie, I think sweet, delicious goodness, and it just seems like the taste of kale would over power the blend.  But then I came across some tips from Jess Novac ( on how to make kale smoothies taste good and I’m ready to give them a try.  Here are her tips …

Freeze it in Advance

Even if it’s only half frozen, the kale will be less pungent and taste less bitter. Plus, it helps makes the smoothie colder and it lasts longer — a win all around. You can de-rib it, rinse it, and throw it in the freezer, then grab as much as you want and stuff it right into your blender for a quick, healthy morning drink.

Steam or Blanch

Lightly steaming or blanching your kale can break down the cellular structure, potentially increasing its digestibility and your ability to absorb some of the kale’s nutrients. Some medical professionals are worried about raw greens negatively affecting people with thyroid problems, and steaming may help reduce this problem.

Mask the Flavor

When you’re first getting used to the kale, try going a little heavier on the extra-sweet fruits, such as pineapple and strawberries, in order to cover up the flavor a little bit. Almond, cashew, or peanut butter can help mask the flavor, while boosting protein, too.

Ready to give kale smoothies a go? Try this quick, easy and nutrient-rich Kale and Banana Smoothie. It’s the perfect recipe for those of us who have a hard time getting our daily dose of veggies.

How do you work kale into your smoothies?


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