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Kid Friendly Lime Mint Sorbet

Kid Friendly Lime Mint Sorbet

This sorbet is one of those wonderful recipes which tastes delicious and you’d never guess what’s in it.  The beautiful green color comes, not from the lime, but from the spinach!   This is a kid-friendly recipe and a great way to sneak some extra greens into your families diet.  Also, this is dairy-free, so it’s a great frozen treat for people who are lactose intolerant.


1/2 cup Welch’s frozen grape juice concentrate (the one with the yellow lid and no added sugar), thawed
1/2 banana, peeled
1/2 cup fresh or frozen pineapple
1/2 to 1 cup fresh organic spinach leaves ( I use about 3/4 cup)
1 small slice of lime with the peel still on
1 mint leaf
3 cups ice

Put all ingredients into your Vitamix in the order listed.

Blend on high for 45 seconds to 1 minute, pressing down with tamper to blend well.  When the machine sound changes and four mounds form, the sorbet is ready to serve.  Serve immediately.

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3 Ingredient non-dairy Peach Mango Ice Cream

3 Ingredient non-dairy Peach Mango Ice Cream


When cutting out inflammatory foods and dieting for weight loss, one of the most popular food groups to avoid is dairy. Consuming dairy is one of the most common causes of chronic inflammation, leading to fat storage. Though effective for weight loss, it is also one of the most difficult food groups to give up. That said, refined sugars rival dairy for the role of most difficult (yet crucial) foods to avoid, especially if you battle a persistent sweet tooth like I do. Maybe that is why many people, including myself, have struggled with giving up the combination of dairy and sugar in their nightly ice cream or frozen yogurt ritual.

Because of this predicament, I created this simple 3-ingredient anti-inflammatory ice cream that is SO easy, inexpensive and quick to make. You don’t need an ice cream machine and an entire day to dedicate to making it; All you need is frozen fruit, coconut cream and a blender. Personally, my favorite flavor is a peach-mango combination, but realistically you can use any combination of fruit, taking care to adjust the amount of coconut cream as necessary. There is no reason not to try this simple recipe; It’s delicious, nutritious, and satisfies that ice cream craving we know all too well. Enjoy!

3 Ingredient Peach-Mango Ice Cream


1 Cup Organic Frozen Peaches

1 Cup Organic Frozen Mango

¼ – ½ Cup Coconut Cream ( depending on desired consistency)

Optional: 1 tbsp. Organic agave or honey


Place the frozen fruit directly in the blender and pulse until pureed. *This works best with a Vitamix, but I have used a Ninja successfully as well)

Add the coconut milk (and optional honey/agave) and puree until the fruit and coconut milk is incorporated.

Scoop into bowls and enjoy immediately.