10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Primal Blueprint Lifestyle

Chances are you have probably heard about paleo/caveman diets and barefoot training.  Primal and paleo lifestyles are becoming more mainstream because there is science to back up the idea that we should attempt to emulate our ancestors in their hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

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Here are some very good reasons why this lifestyle is great for everyone:

  1. If you enjoy being outside and taking part in a variety of activities such as stand up paddle boarding, surfing, hiking, golfing, biking, snowboarding, etc., you want to stay fit. Primal/paleo training gives you the strength that you need to have endurance in all of the activities you want to undertake and it provides you with a good basis for strength and fitness.
  1. You want to get fit without having to go through gruelling training. Many people pursue a high level of fitness through sacrifice, hard work, discipline, and misery.  Getting great results with the least amount of pain, sacrifice, and hard work is important.  If you eat right, do HIIT training and lift weights you will become very fit and healthy.
  1. You enjoy great food. When you remove grains, hydrogenated oils, sugars and processed food from your diet, there is still a lot of other foods that are very healthy for you that you can consume whenever you like.  You are not going to be as hungry as you were once you cut out processed foods and sugars.  You are fueling your body with tasty foods that are filling and healthy.  Best of all, you will not suffer from the health effects that processed foods can have on your body.
  1. You do not like to get sick. When you adopt a paleo lifestyle, you have all that you need to boost your immune system.  Allergies start to disappear, and you rarely get a cold or the flu.  Your bolstered health is because your body will be properly nourished and have all that it needs to remain healthy.
  1. You like to get a good night’s sleep. It is important to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night to recharge your batteries.  Sleep is a very important part of your health regime, so you should ensure you are getting enough each night.
  1. You want to look great naked. Your body composition is 80% determined by how and what you eat.  The other 20% is based on exercise and genetics.  If you have your diet adjusted correctly to what your body needs then it does not take much exercise to optimize your muscle size and strength.
  1. You like to have a healthy glow. Part of the Paleo lifestyle is to get adequate sun on your skin every day.  Vitamin D is derived from the sun and is a natural way to get your daily intake.  Getting the sun on your skin is good, within reason and for limited amounts of time.
  1. You don’t have to be organized. There are no set meal times, no calorie counting or portion control and you can eat as much as you like when you want to.  You do not have to be disorganized to benefit from a paleo lifestyle but if you don’t like a regimented schedule, this works well.
  1. You don’t want to injure yourself. If you want to stay away from injury, then Paleo fitness gives you a set of guidelines that promote workouts that focus on functional strength that is balanced and prevents injury while burning fat and building muscle.
  1. You like to know your efforts will pay off. If you are investing your time and energy into something, you want to know that it is going to pay off in the long run.  You want to know which choices you need to make and know that you are making the right choices.  The guesswork is removed when you follow a Paleo lifestyle.

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