Lemon Water Hacks

Lemon Water Hacks

Keep Lemon Slices in the freezer for immediate Lemon Water

Kitchen Hacks – I’ll be publishing a series of tips & tricks in the kitchen. Some may be super basic and you may know them already but maybe you’ll find something that will make your life a little easier!

I’ve often had problems with lemons going bad because I didn’t use them all up in time. But not anymore!

Did you know that you can keep Lemon Slices in the freezer for immediate Lemon Water? It’s so easy and you won’t have any excuses not to drink Lemon Water! Lemon Water is super healthy for you and you should drink lemon water every morning 🙂 Plus the frozen lemon slices also cool down your water a bit (which is great for the summer!). You can use them for cocktails too!

Use organic produce! You don’t want lemon peel with pesticides swimming in your [eafl id=1053 name=”Perfect Water Purifier – articleLink2″ text=”purified water”].frozen-lemon-slices-water-1


Make Jumbo Sized Lemon Ice Cubes

This is a fabulous idea for a water or sangria pitcher! A muffin pan gives you much larger cubes, making the ice last much longer. This also looks beautiful with the whole lemon slices in there. You could also do this with oranges; maybe even throw in some mint or sliced strawberries!

Pure Lemon Juice Ice Cubes

I filled an ice tray with straight lemon juice and set it in the freezer. Now rather than adding lemon slices to a pitcher of water I can drop a lemon cube into a large glass of [eafl id=1053 name=”Perfect Water Purifier – articleLink2″ text=”filtered water”].


Roll Your Lemons for Maximum Juice

Rolling your lemons bursts the capillaries in the flesh of the lemon allowing you to extract more lemony goodness!


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